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Inside-Secret, How I Eliminated that Painful Hemorrhoids(Pile)

Dear Reader,

Mitchel Vrabor is my name, I meet someone who had hemorrhoids (pile)  5 months ago, that she can actually get rid of of it, she taught i was joking. Without going to the hospital or visit prayer houses. To her it look impossible. But I managed to introduce  her to a  herbal solution i used to salvage my situation of hemorrhoids(pile).

At the end of the 3rd  DICTAMNI Herbal ointment  usage, it worked just like I told her. She was so amazed at the transformation that she emailed me and wrote: “This seems like magic to me. I’m sure you aren’t going to recognize me when you see me again.” She had been on different hemorrhoids (pile) treatment, and she wasn’t getting enough relief as she’d wanted.

And whenever she stops administering those prescriptions given to her, the hemorrhoids (Pile) reappears…..

…..meaning she would remain in the prescription perpetually if she wanted to get relief of hemorrhoid (pile) and become of herself.

That’s why it seemed like it was magic to her when she used DICTAMNI Hemorrhoid (Pile) ointment ,prescribed to her and also regulating her diet.

Well, it’s not magic, it’s real……

All it takes to get rid of hemorrhoid (Pile) is to use DICTAMNI herbal ointment diligently.

At the end, you’ll have reasons to share your result with us.

I’m very sure this is going to be the last hemorrhoid (pile) solution you’ll try.

Don’t give up yet until you have tried it. 


Categories of Hemorrhoids(Pile)

Grade i

These can’t always be seen because they’re too deep in your anus to be visible. They are protrusions of the wall of your anal canal or rectum. Less-serious internal hemorrhoids are bumps inside, and more serious ones can form a long protrusion.

Grade ii

When an internal hemorrhoid swells and elongates to the point where it protrudes out of your anus. Less serious prolapsed hemorrhoids come out of the anus during straining but spontaneously retract when you relax, whereas more serious prolapsed hemorrhoids remain protruding from the anus.

Grade iii

 Appear as one or more bumps on and around the anus. You or a doctor can see these from the outside.

Grade iv

These are external or internal hemorrhoids in which the blood that’s pooled inside has clotted, which can be painful in external hemorrhoids.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids(Pile)

Thrombosed hemorrhoids can be very painful. If you have one, it can hurt to walk, sit, or go to the bathroom.

Other hemorrhoid symptoms include:

  • itching around your anus
  • bleeding when you have a bowel movement
  • swelling or a lump around your anus
  • Infection of the anus

Causes of Hemorrhoids(Pile)

Some common causes and risk factors include:

  • having excess weight
  • frequently straining during bowel movements
  • sitting for a long time
  • being pregnant or giving birth
  • not getting enough fiber in your diet
  • using too many laxatives
  • getting older, as tissues lose strength and elasticity as you age
  • having diarrhea or constipation
  • not having regular bowel movements


Things to avoid if Having Hemorrhoids(Pile)

  • Avoid Eating too much spicy food
  • Avoid Drinking Alcohol
  • Avoid Eating too full
  • Avoid Sitting for too long
  • Avoid Standing for too long
  • Avoid Staying up
  • Avoid Wearing tight waist clothes
  • Avoid much carbohydrate food
  • Avoid too much fries

Announcing DICTAMNI Hemorrhoids(Pile) For Internal And External Hemorrhoid(Pile)

Production Process Of Dictamni Hemorrhoid

Benefit of using Dictamni Herbal Solution

  • Stop Anal itching
  • Stop Protrude hemorrhoids
  • Stop anal Fissure
  • Stop Prolapse Hemorrhoid and its Discomfort
  • Dissolve any lump
  • Eliminate hemorrhoid Blood Stasis
  • Solve Anal Infection due to Prolapsed or Thrombosed Hemorrhoid(Pile)

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